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Cheryl Shepherd

I hear your heart

Kae Neufeld

I believe that many of the leaders in the church are post feminist in their thinking and so do not even see a problem. At one point when I asked a leader what my role was as a leader in the church I was simply told I could cry any time I wanted to. At another time when I raised a question which caused our conference leadership some discomfort I was told that I was a pained , frustrated woman. When a conference leader told a very sexist "joke" at a conference, I challenged him and was told that other conference leaders had seen it as funny. At a conference we as delegates were all asked to pray that we would be willing to use our gifts to serve God and then at the next session women were excluded from the nomination list. I stood up on the conference floor and asked why women were excluded and was given no answer.
These are stories that can be repeated over and over. At this point there seems to be no will to change. It has been a blessing to find ways to serve outside the church.

Tom Friesen

Kae, that is not how I have understood the term post feminism. What you are describing sounds more like many leaders have not been effected by any facet of feminism at all and are blind to the issues that feminism strives to unveil. This then is patriarchy pure and simple. I am saddened by your experiences and the lack of thought and sensitivity they describe.

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