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Teresa Dyck

Thank you Carol! why? For writing about sexuality we shy away from! We so need to speak against homophobia.


Carol the Courageous! I salute you. Not that that is why you write, I know you do not need affirmation from me, but still I felt a need to say that.

Erika F

Thanks Carol.


Thank you, Carol!

Carol Dyck

Thank you Carol for this compassionate view. Hatred has no place in the life of the spirit. Using scripture as a weapon to hurt people only denigrates the scripture.


Thank you Carol for this timely message and my heart goes out to the partners left behind, and the many friends and family members that have had their loved ones snatched away in an act of such hatred. Another horrific tragedy for the LGBTQ community – a hate that many from the community experience in their lives daily.

For many years now, I’ve felt the judgment on my life as a lesbian by the church however I know, without a doubt, that I am created in the image of God and that I am: fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Just. As. I Am.

And as this Father’s Day approaches, I know that my own father loved me unconditionally and accepted my partner of 17 years as his own daughter too. He was a true example of what it means to show love and acceptance; not just toleration.

My prayer is that the church will find love and compassion and share it with, not only the LGBTQ community, but with all mankind.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

John H Neufeld

Carol, thank you for your post on homophobia, especially the comment, " churches have been headquarters central of hatred against LGBTQ people. This has included exclusion, shaming, bullying, and standing by silently when violence is done by Christian people. It has included finding biblical reasons for exclusion, shaming, bullying and standing by silently when violence is done. It has even included political lobbying against LGBTQ people having legal human rights." Speaking up is courageous; being silent is not. My sense is that many of us have to revisit our fundamental understanding of how we interpret the Bible. Being biblical is not always the same as being Christian.
John H Neufeld, Winnipeg., MB

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